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Aviation Magazine Guide: United Kingdom


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Flight International

The world's oldest aviation journal, Flight International was originally founded in 1909 under the title Flight, but in 1962 was renamed Flight International. The magazine is printed in smaller than A4 format and has about 50 pages in each issue. Most of the content consists of news, but there are also a number of aircraft/analytical articles in each issue, which discuss modern aircraft and aviation. There are also regular features on employment and training with aviation and aerospace vacancies. Learn all about the moving of aerospace companies, and other related flight companies, with one of the most cherished flight magazines.

Flight International covers all spheres of modern aviation in a very detailed and professional way. Cutaway drawings usually appear once a month, while annually there are usually surveys of airlines, air forces and aircraft. Flight International is a truly International magazine; it has divisions in the United States, Asia and the Middle East.

Publisher: Reed Business Information UK Ltd
Publisher's website: http://www.rbi.co.uk/

Website: http://www.flightinternational.com

International Standard Serial Number: 0015-3710

Cover price: £2.60

Editor: Murdo Morrison
E-mail: murdo.morrison@rbi.co.uk
Telephone: +44 20 8652 4395
Main office address:
Reed Business Information
Quadrant House
The Quadrant
United Kingdom

For a full list of contact details, visit:

Weekly - subscription only:

Jane's Defence Weekly

Jane's Defence Weekly

Jane's Defence Weekly is an authoritative and well-respected international defence magazine that covers naval and ground forces as well as air forces. The contents of a typical issue comprises of:
Headlines (news)
The Americas
Middle East/Africa
Armed Forces
Network-centric Warfare
Homeland Security

The magazine features weekly technology briefings, monthly country briefings and interviews with important leaders involved in defence.

Jane's Defence Weekly has been published since 1984, when it replaced Jane's Defence Review. Each issue usually consists of about 40 pages in A4 format.

Publisher: Jane's Information Group
Publisher's website: http://www.janes.com

Website: http://jdw.janes.com/

International Standard Serial Number: 0265-3818

Cover price: US$7.95

Editor: Peter Felstead
E-mail: jdw@janes.com


The Royal Air Force News

The Royal Air Force News

The Royal Air Force News is just that - the official newspaper of the Royal Air Force (RAF). The magazine has features on the latest news, military aviation and history/significant events in the RAF. The newspaper also contains a lot of people-related content, including life in the Service, personnel in the RAF and other topical issues.

First published in 1961, the Royal Air Force News has about 25 glossy pages in each issue. It is available to the public through newsstands or subscription.

Publisher: Ministry of Defence

Website: http://www.rafnews.co.uk/

International Standard Serial Number: ISSN 0035-8610

E-mail: editor@rafnews.co.uk
RAF News
Room S91
Headquarters Personnel and Training
RAF Innsworth
Gloucester GL3 1EZ

Tel: 01452 712612 ext 5590.
Fax: 01452 510848.

Bi-monthly - subscription only:

Defence Helicopter

Defence Helicopter magazine

Defence Helicopter was launched in 1982 and is a professional magazine aimed at those who fly, build and operate military and parapublic helicopters and systems.

Defence Helicopter provides comprehensive technical and operational features, analysis, interviews with important people and new product information.

Publisher: The Shephard Group
Publisher's website: http://www.shephard.co.uk/


International Standard Serial Number: 1478-758X

Editor: Andrew Drweiga
E-mail: ad@shephard.co.uk
Telephone: +44 (0)1628 604311
Fax: +44 (0)1628 664334

Helicopter International

Helicopter International magazine

Helicopter International is a professional subscription only magazine that is described as the no.1 news journal in the helicopter industry. Since 1977 it has thoroughly covered the world helicopter scene and gives an excellent all-round view.

Regular features include:
The Collective Column (editorial)
Commercial (top news stories)
Tail Rotors (civil news updates)
Accident Spot (civil and military helicopter accidents during the last 2-3 months)
Civil Sales
On the Market
Book Corner
Clubs & Associations
Rotary People
North America
Asia Pacific
Worldwide Offshore
Censored (sensitive military news)
Parapublic (government-run operators like Coast Guards)

Publisher: Avia Press Associates

Website: http://www.aviapress.freeserve.co.uk/index.htm

International Standard Serial Number: 0143-1005

Price: $12.33

Editor: Elfan ap Rees
E-mail: editorial@aviapress.fsnet.co.uk
Avia Press Associates
75 Elm Tree Road
N. Somerset
BS24 8EL

Unmanned Vehicles

Unmanned Vehicles magazine

Unmanned Vehicles magazine bills itself as the world's leading independent publication for the unmanned systems industry. And since it has almost no direct competition, it is probably right. The magazine delivers in-depth and up-to-date coverage of technology developments, news, procurements and civil/commercial market opportunities in the world of unmanned air vehicles.

In addition to the magazine, an Unmanned Vehicles Handbook is published every year and the magazine is supported by www.uvonline.com, giving daily news etc.

Unmanned Vehicles was launched around 2000 as a quarterly but began publishing bi-monthly in 2003. This was due to an increasing demand for information on unmanned air vehicles. The readership of the magazine consists mostly of people in the industry and those wishing to by unmanned air vehicles.

Publisher: The Shephard Press Limited
Publisher's website: http://www.shephard.co.uk

Website: http://www.shephard.co.uk/Publications.aspx?Action=

Editor:Darren Lake
E-mail: dl@shephard.co.uk
Editorial Director: Andrew Drweiga
E-mail: ad@shephard.co.uk

Tel: +44 (0)1628 606973
Fax: +44 (0)1628 669808

Microlight Flying

Microlight Flying

The Microlight Flying magazine is the official publication of The British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA), which is the official regulatory body for microlights and paramotors in the UK. First published in 1980, it is mailed to every member of the BMAA as part of their membership deal.

Regular features include:
Microlight competitions
World-wide flights
Technical information
New products
Flight tests
Buyers guides
Exhibitions and fly-ins
Topical issues
Classified section.

Publisher: British Microlight Aircraft Association

Publisher's website: http://www.bmaa.org/

Website: http://www.pagefast.co.uk/website/maginfo/mf.html

International Standard Serial Number: 0968-3100

Editor: David Bremner
E-mail: mfeditor@bmaa.org

Windsock International

Windsock International

Windsock International is a bi-monthly publication for World War One aircraft enthusiasts and modellers. An A4 size magazine, it features colour pages, archive data, scale drawings and feature articles on WW I aircraft types and markings written by experts. As it is also aimed at modellers, it features comprehensive review on WW I kits, books and other products. Windsock International has been published for more than twenty years; the first issue appearing at the beginning of 1984.

Publisher: Albatros Productions

Website: http://www.windsockdatafilespecials.com/index.html


RAF Magazine

RAF Magazine

RAF - The Official Magazine covers work in the Royal Air Force, from air cadet and university training corps to frontline operations. Although it is about the RAF, it available in North America, Australia and New Zealand. The magazine features interviews, news and feature articles about people, operations and aircraft in the RAF, including some history.

The magazine is relatively new, only appearing in June 2004.

Publisher: Titan Magazines
Publisher's website: http://www.titanbooks.com/magazines.html

Website: http://www.titanbooks.com/raf/

Quarterly - subscription only:

AMCAR Quarterly

AMCAR Quarterly

Contracted to AMCAR Quarterly, the full title of the magazine is American Civil Air Registers Quarterly Review and covers just that - the contents lists new registrations for US and Canadian civil aircraft and features production histories of specific aircraft types.

The magazine began in September 1977 as US Register Quarterly Review but a few years later changed its name to American Civil Air Registers with the addition of Canadian registrations. Much later it changed to its current title.

Publisher: Runway Six Nine

Website: http://www.amcarusa.com/index.htm


Propliner magazine

The respected Propliner magazine is described as 'the international review of classic piston-engined and turboprop transport aircraft' and is mostly devoted to civilian piston transports still flying, but also covers the golden age of propliner aviation in the past.

Regular features consist of:
The Independents (news of UK propliner activities)

The magazine has over 100 photos, centre colour spread and comprehensive articles by prominent writers. It is a dedicated enthusiasts magazine that is available around the world.

Propliner was founded by Stephen Piercy in January 1979 as a quarterly, but soon changed to bi-monthly publication. In 1984 Piercy suddenly died and the magazine ceased publication, but in 1985 the magazine, much to the relief of many readers, was relaunched by Tony Merton Jones and became a quarterly again.

Publisher: Propliner Magazine Ltd

Website: http://www.propliner.org.uk/

International Standard Serial Number: 0269-4018

Cover price: £4.25



Insignia magazine

Insignia magazine publishes articles on unusual and interesting aviation topics, mainly covering the years between the World Wars, but also before and after. Many of the articles are on air forces (usually obscure ones), aircraft markings or serials, the type of aircraft flown by air arms and unusual and interesting (usually little-known) aircraft.

The magazine is very well illustrated with lots of colour drawings of aircraft and their markings and rare photos. It also features many three-view drawings, tone profiles, tables etc. Each issue has about 34-38 pages.

When it first appeared in November 1995 Insignia was published as a quarterly, but from 1999 publishing has become unpredictable and now is unfortunately only published on an ad hoc basis. Back issues are available for purchase.

Publisher: Blue Rider Publishing

Website: http://www.insigniamag.com/

International Standard Serial Number: 1360-4848

Price: £6.00 per issue incl. p&p

E-mail: insigniamag@yahoo.com
Tel: +44 20 8672 3049

Insignia Magazine
Blue Rider Publishing
43a Glasford Street
London SW17 9HL


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