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Aviation Magazine Guide: Australia






ADM stands for Australian Defence Magazine and is subtitled as 'The Defence Business Magazine' for Australia. This well respected publication is aimed mainly at the Australian and other regional defence forces and the industries that supply them. The magazine features informed coverage and in-depth analysis of major projects and equipment acquisitions, and commentary on policy. It is mainly a defence business magazine and covers policy and planning, technological developments and procurement and international developments.

Regular features include:
News Review
Defence Business developments
Maintenance and Upgrades
IT and UAVs
Forthcoming events

Although it is published monthly, ADM is in fact published 11 times a year (the December and January issues being combined).

Publisher: Yaffa Publishing
Publisher's website: http://www.yaffa.com

Website: http://www.yaffa.com.au/defence/

International Standard Serial Number: 1324-6550

Editor: Gregor Ferguson
: defmag@yaffa.com.au
Tel: 61 7 3348 6966
Fax: 61 7 3348 6511
Australian Defence Magazine
Yaffa Defence Group
PO Box 9165
Wynnum Plaza Qld

Australian Aviation

Australian Aviation is a well-established magazine, having being founded in 1977. This glossy, quality publication covers all facets of the aviation and aerospace environment in Australia and the rest of the world. The magazine covers aerospace industry news, airliner development, military aviation, defence policy, general aviation, helicopters and vintage and veteran aircraft.

Australian Aviation is published monthly, but the January/February issue is combined.

Publisher: Aerospace Publications Pty Ltd

Website: http://www.ausaviation.com.au

International Standard Serial Number: 0813-0876

Editor: Gerard Frawley
E-mail: editor@ausaviation.com.au
Level 1
49 Tennant Street
Fyshwick ACT


Aviation Business Asia Pacific

Aviation Business is aimed at people who are part of the aviation industry in Australasia, South East Asia and the South Pacific. It is meant to be read by government and commercial industry players. Aviation Business provides news and news analysis, interviews with influential industry figures and comprehensive coverage of trends and issues and also provides financial reports. Major features include fleet analysis, cargo, corporate aviation, the rotor industry, maintenance repair and overhaul, regional airlines, engines, employment and training and technology developments.

Regular features include:
World news
Australian news
New Zealand news
Defence news
Flying techniques

Aviation Business incorporates Aircraft & Aerospace Magazine, which is the second oldest aviation magazine in the world and was first published in 1918. It started out as the Official Journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society of Australia. In 2000 it was taken over by Yaffa and revitalised to stay up to date with the market it covers and the Asia Pacific suffix was added to the title. The magazine is a monthly, but is only published ten times a year.

Publisher: Yaffa Publishing Group
Publisher's website: http://www.yaffa.com.au

Website: http://www.yaffa.com.au/mags/airmag.htm

International Standard Serial Number: 1032-9366

Editor: Douglas Nancarrow
E-mail: DougNancarrow@yaffa.com.au
GPO Box 606

Aviation Trader

Aviation Trader was founded in 1988 as a publication for those wishing to buy aircraft, aircraft-related items and aviation goods and services. The publication, which consists mostly of adverts, covers the Australian region as well as New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Website: http://www.aviationtrader.com.au

Editor: Kevin Gosling
: ads@aviationtrader.com.au
Tel: (02) 61 2 6622 2133
Fax: (02) 61 2 6622 2123
Aviation Trader
23 Coleman Street
Lismore NSW 2480

Asia Pacific Aviation News

Asia Pacific Aviation News is a newspaper-style publication that covers airlines, airports, defence aviation, helicopters, general aviation, regulations, simulation, aircraft and engine manufacturers. It also covers aviation news in the Asia-Pacific region. Each issue has 28 pages, which are illustrated in colour.

Publisher: Asia Pacific Aviation News Pty Ltd

Website: http://www.aviationnews.com.au/

Editor: Phil Eagle
: info@aviationnews.com.au
Tel: 612-9709 8754
Fax: 612-9709 8975
Asia Pacific Aviation News Pty Ltd
105-107 Victoria Road
Marrickville, NSW 2042

Asia-Pacific Defence Reporter

Asia Pacific Defence Reporter is an authoritative magazine covering defence issues in the Asia-Pacific region. The largest circulating defence magazine in Australia and New Zealand, it provides news and analysis to the defence community, industry, politicians and academics. Its primary area is focusing on issues and developments affecting the Asia-Pacific region.

The magazine was originally established in 1974 as Pacific Defence Reporter, but became Defence Reporter: Australia & Asia-Pacific in September 1990 before adopting its current title in January 2002. It is published at a rate of ten issues a year.

Publisher: Ventura Media Asia Pacific Pty Ltd

International Standard Serial Number: 1037-1427

E-mail: apdr@apdr.cjb.net
Tel: + 61 2 9579 2590
Fax: + 61 2 9579 2560
PO Box 532
Brighton Le Sands
NSW 2216

Further contact details can be found here:


Heli-News Australasia

Heli-News is the main helicopter industry magazine in the Asia-Pacific area. It provides local and world news for everyone in the industry - from commercial and private pilots to engineers, parts suppliers and operators. Regular contents includes world news, product updates, technical articles, profiles and coverage of other aviation issues.

Although it is a monthly, Heli-News is only published ten times a year (January and February are empty months).

Publisher: Cranford Publications

Website: http://www.heli-news.com.au/index.html

E-mail: helinews@niche.com.au
: +61 3 9525 5566
Cranford Publications Pty Ltd
PO Box 489
The Gap Q 4061

Pacific Flyer

Pacific Flyer is billed as the magazine for recreational pilots and the publication covers ultralight and homebuilt aircraft, news and related issues.

Publisher: Khandu Publishing

Website: http://www.pacificflyer.com.au

Price: $69 Australian dollars for a year's subscription (locally)

E-mail: info@pacificflyer.com.au
Tel: +61 3 9775 2466
Fax: +61 3 9775 2488
Pacific Flyer
PO Box 731
Mt Eliza VIC 3930

Contributor guidelines/contributions:
"Material from readers for publication and photographs in colour or black and white are most welcome and will be returned to the contributor after publication.

Articles are welcome on CD or disk, in Microsoft Word or plain text and can be posted or emailed. Please send digital photos as high resolution separate jpegs. We also accept neat handwritten articles." No payment is made for submissions.

Pacific Wings

Pacific Wings is a general interest aviation magazine featuring high quality editorial and photographic content covering all aspects of aviation. It is New Zealand-based, but also features global content. Although a monthly, Pacific Wings is published 11 times a year.

Publisher: Pacific Wings Limited
Publisher's website: http://www.pacificwingsmagazine.com/

Website: http://www.pacificwingsmagazine.com/

International Standard Serial Number: 1174-8052

Cover price: NZ$8.90

Editor: Rob Neil
Email: editor@pacificwingsmagazine.com
Tel: +64 3 314 7416
PO Box 39-099
New Zealand.

Contributor guidelines/contributions:
Pacific Wings accepts unsolicited submissions of well-written articles and high quality digital photographs on a wide range of aviation subjects from suitably qualified contributors (private pilot licence at least). Potential contributors are asked to email a brief outline of a story idea together with full contact details to editor@pacificwingsmagazine.com. Full guidelines are available on request.


Australian Flying

Australian Flying magazine is aimed at people flying and operating (mostly) light aircraft. Each issues features flying tips and techniques, news on the latest technology and accessories and news on the operations of the aviation industry.

Australian Flying is intended to inform, advise and entertain its readers, which often include flying schools, aircraft and aircraft accessory manufacturers.

Publisher: Yaffa Publishing Group
Publisher's website: http://www.yaffa.com.au

Website: http://www.yaffa.com.au/mags/flymag.htm

International Standard Serial Number: 0004-9123

Editor: Shelley Ross
Tel: (02) 9281 2333
Fax: (02) 9281 2750
Yaffa Publishing Group
17-21 Bellevue Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010


Aero Australia

Aero Australia is a relatively new publication, having only being launched in December 2003. This high-quality features-based publication covers commercial, military and general aviation and aviation history and the aviation industry. It caters for a wide variety of readers, including industry players, modellers, pilots and enthusiasts.

Regular features (apart from eight decent feature articles) include:
AeroGrammes (news)
Skywarrior (feature on a combat/fighter pilot)
Aero People (feature on a pilot or someone involved in aviation)
Safe Flight (flying tips)
Aero Album
Aero Reviews
Aero Modelling

Publisher: Chevron Publishing Group
Publisher's website: http://www.chevron.com.au/

Website: http://www.aero-oz.com.au/

Cover price: $8.50

Editor: Stewart Wilson
E-mail: wilson@netspeed.com.au
Tel: +61 2 6238 1520
Fax: +61 2 6238 1626
PO Box 181

Defence Today

Defence Today is a high-quality magazine covering the Australian Defence Force and defence industry. It details the Australian Defence Force's capabilities, weaponry and technology. Content includes features on air, land and maritime platforms; analysis of weaponry and firepower; evaluation of threats, capabilities and strategies for the Australian region; interviews with people in the Defence Force and industry; and the impact of world power decisions in the region. In short, Defence Today covers news, technology, strategies and predictions for all involved in defence in the Australian region.

Publisher: Strike Publications

Website: http://www.airpowerint.com/defence-today.cfm

Editor: John Armstrong
E-mail: editor@defencenews.com.au
Tel: 07 3282 9019
Fax: 07 3812 3233
PO Box 27
Queensland 4306


Flightpath is a high quality publication that focuses on warbirds, modern military aircraft and aviation operations and stories. Although it does have an Australian 'flavour', Flightpath also caters for international readers. It features airshow reports, warbird articles, features on aircraft preservation, contemporary opinion and historical Australian and international aviation. Flightpath is one of the world's best historical aviation publications, something owed in part to the excellent photograpy.

Publisher: Yaffa Publishing Group Pty Ltd
Publisher's website: http://www.yaffa.com.au

Website: http://www.yaffa.com.au/mags/fphmag.htm

International Standard Serial Number: 1320-5870

Editor: Rob Fox
PO Box 253
Bentleigh 3204

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