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Glossary — N

N Newton, SI unit of force, = 0.22480455 lb force.

N/A or n/a Not Available or Not Applicable.

NACES Navy aircrew common ejection seat (US).

NAMC Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Company (China).

NAS Naval Air Station (US).

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration (US).

NASC Naval Air Systems Command (also several other aerospace meanings) (US).

NATC Naval Air Training Command or Test Center (also several other aerospace meanings) (US).

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

nav/com Navigation and communications receiver.

NBAA National Business Aircraft Association (US).

NBC Nuclear, biological, chemical (warfare).

NDT Non-destructive testing.

Newton See N.

NFH Naval Frigate Helicopter (NH 90 variant).

NFO Naval flight officer; second crew member in US Navy aircraft; compare WSO.

N-G Northrop Grumman (US).

Ni/Cd Nickel/cadmium.

Nib Forward-pointing extension at inner end of fixed glove on VG aircraft or leading-edge root extension on light aircraft.

n mile nautical mile, 1.852 km, 1.15078 miles.

NOE Nap-of-the-Earth (low flying in military aircraft, using natural cover of hills, trees and so on).

NOTAR NO TAil Rotor patented tail stabilisation system developed for MD 500-type helicopter.

NV Naamloze Venuootschap (Belgian/Netherlands company constitution).

NVG Night vision goggles.

NVS Noise vibration suppression.