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Glossary — L

LAMPS Light airborne multipurpose system.

LANTIRN Low-altitude navigation and targeting by infra-red at night.

LAPES Low-altitude parachute extraction system.

LASTE Low-Altitude Safety and Targeting.

LBA Luftfahrtbundesamt (German civil aviation authority).

Ib Pound, non-SI unit of weight: 0.453592 kg.

Ib st Pounds of static thrust.

LCD Liquid crystal display, used for showing instrument information.

LCN Load classification number, measure of ‘flotation’ of aircraft landing gear linking aircraft weight, weight distribution, tyre numbers, pressures and disposition.

LED Light-emitting diode.

LERX Leading-Edge Root eXtension.

LGB Laser-Guided Bomb.

LHTEC Light Helicopter Turbine Engine Company (US), jont venture between Rolls-Royce (formerly Allison) and Honeywell (formerly Garrett).

LHX Light Helicopter experimental (RAH-66 Comanche).

LII Grovom Flight Institute.

LIFT Lead-In Fighter Trainer.

lift dumper Spoiler designed to open on landing to reduce lift and thus increase effectiveness of wheel braking.

LINS Laser inertial navigation system.

litre SI unit of volume (0.264177 US gallon; 0.219975 Imp gallon).

LLTV Low-light TV (thus, LLLTV, low-light level); see ALLTV.

LO Low-observables, which see (stealth).

load factor (1) Percentage of maximum payload; (2) design factor (g limit) for airframe.

LOC Localiser (which see).

LOCAAS Low-cost anti-armour submuntion.

localiser Element giving steering guidance in ILS.

LOH Light observation helicopter.

loiter Fly for maximum endurance, at much less than normal cruise speed.

longerons Principal fore-and-aft structural members (for example in fuselage).

Loran Long-range navigation; family of hyperbolic navaids based on ground radio emissions, now mainly Loran C.

LOROP Long-range oblique photography.

LOS Line of sight.

Low-observables Materials, structures and techniques designed to minimise aircraft signatures of all kinds.

lox Liquid oxygen.

LP Low pressure (LPC, compressor; LPT, turbine).

LRIP Low-rate initial production.

LRMTS Laser ranger and marked-target seeker.

LRU Line-replaceable unit.

Ltd Limited (company constitution).