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Glossary — G

g Acceleration due to mean Earth gravity, that is of a body in free-fall; or acceleration due to rapid change of direction of flight path.

gallons Non-SI measure; 1 Imp gallon (UK) = 4.546 litres, 1 US gallon = 3.785 litres.

GE General Electric (US).

GFRP Glass fibre-reinforced plastics.

‘glass cockpit’ Cockpit in which dial instruments are replaced by multifunction electronic displays.

glass fibre Spun molten glass; see GFRP.

glideslope Element giving vertical (height) guidance in ILS.

glove (1) Fixed portion of wing inboard of variable sweep wing;

(2) additional aerofoil profile added around normal wing for test purposes.

GmbH Gesellschaft mit beschrankter Haftpflicht (or Haftung) (German company constitution).

GPMG General Purpose Machine Gun (UK weapon).

GPS Global Positioning System, US military/civil satellite-based precision navaid.

GPU Ground power unit (not part of aircraft).

GPWS Ground-proximity warning system.

GR Ground-attack and Reconnaissance (UK designator).

green aircraft Aircraft flyable but unpainted, unfurnished and basically equipped.

gross wing area See wing area.

ground-adjustable pitch Propeller with blades that can be adjusted in pitch by an engineer on the ground. Compare flight adjustable and variable pitch.

GS See glideslope.

gunship Aircraft designed for battlefield attack; helicopter gunships normally with slim body carrying pilot and weapon operator only.

GUP Gosudarstvennoye Unitarnoye Predpriyatie (Russian State Unitary Enterprise).

GvTBAP Gvardeyskyy Tyazhelyy Bombardirovochnyy Aviatsionnyy Polk = Guards heavy bomber aviation regiment.