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Glossary — E

EAA Experimental Aircraft Association (divided into local branches called Chapters).

EADS European Aeronautic and Deence Systems Company.

EAP Experimental Aircraft Programme. (Led to the Eurofighter).

EAS Equivalent airspeed. RAS minus correction for compressibility.

ECCM Electronic counter-countermeasures.

ECM Electronic countermeasures.

ECR Electronic Combat and Reconnaissance (Variant of Tornado).

ECS Environmental control system.

EEZ Economic exclusion (or exclusive-economic) zone.

EFIS Electronic flight instrumentation system, in which large multifunction CRT displays replace traditional instruments.

EGPWS Enhanced ground proximity warning system.

EGT Exhaust gas temperature.

ehp Equivalent horsepower, measure of propulsive power of turboprop made up of slip plus addition due to residual thrust from jet.

EICAS Engine indication (and) crew alerting system.

ekW Equivalent kilowatts, SI measure of propulsive power of turboprop (see ehp).

elevon Wing trailing-edge control surface combining functions of aileron and elevator.

elint electronics intelligence.

ELT Emergency locator transmitter, to help rescuers home on to a disabled or crashed aircraft.

EMD Engineering and manufacturing development.

EMBRAER EMpresa BRasiliera de AERonautica (Brazil).

ENAER Empresa Nacional de AERonautica (Chile).

EO Electro-optical.

EPNdB Effective perceived noise decibel, SI unit of EPNL.

ERU Ejector release unit.

ESM (1) Electronic surveillance (or support) measures; (2) Electronic signal monitoring.

ESSS External Stores Support System (for S-70A/UH-60).

ETOPS Extended-range twin (engine) operations (thus sometimes given as EROPS), routeing not more than a given flight time (120, 180 or 240 minutes) from a usable alternative airfield.

EW Electronic warfare.

EWO Electronic Warfare Officer