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Gallery - Military Aircraft: Amphibians and Flying Boats (past and present)

Aircraft are arranged alphabetically by manufacturer.

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Beriev Be-12 Chaika/'Mail':

A Soviet Be-12 Chaika 'Mail' reconnaissance aircraft as seen in 1985. (DoD)

Bombardier 415 Superscooper:

A Bombardier 415 operated by France's Securite Civile agency. (Bombardier)

Consolidated PBY Catalina:

A restored PBY Catalina painted to mark the 75 anniversar of naval aviation. (DoD)

Grumman HU-16 Albatross:

A Grumman SA-16 Albatross takes off from a freshwater lake in Honshu, Japan, in March 1953. The aircraft is operated by the 3rd Air Rescue Group. (USAF)

ShinMaywa US-1:

A ShinMaywa US-1 flying boat of the Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force. The US-1  is being superseded by the upgraded US-1A. (JMSDF)

Short Sunderland:

A Shorts Sunderland in flight. (RAF)