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Gallery - Civil Aircraft: Prop Airliners

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Avions de Transport Regional ATR 42:

An Oman Air ATR-42-500 in flight. (ATR) A brightly painted  ATR-42-500 of Air Caledone. Photo courtesy ATR An ATP ATR 42-500 in flight.

An ATR 42 in flight. (ATR)

Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72:

A Xinjiang Airlines ATR-72-500 (ATR) An ATR 72-500 of Air Deccan. Image courtesy ATR. An ATR 72 in flight. (Alenia Aeronautica)

An ATP ATR 72 operated by Kingfisher Airlines.

BAe Jetstream 32:

A BAe Jetstream 32 in flight. The  32 is basically a Jetstream 31 with major performance and comfort improvements. (Copyright BAE Systems) A BAE Systems Jestream 32 turboprop in flight. (BAE Systems)

BAe Jetstream 41:

A BAe Jetstream 41S of  Eastern Airways. (Copyright BAE Systems) A BAe Jetsream 41  of Eastern Airways. The Jetstream 41 is a stretched and upgraded Jetstream 31. (Copyright BAE Systems)


A BAE ATP operated as a cargo aircraft by West Air Sweden. (BAE Systems)

Bombardier Q100:

A Bombardier Q100 operated by Quantas. (Bombardier) A Bombardier Q100 in flight. (Bombardier)

Bombardier Q200:

A Bombardier Q200 operated by the Mexican Navy. (Bombardier)

Bombardier Q300:

A Bombardier Q300 operated by the Australian Coastwatch. (Bombardier)

Bombardier Q400:

A Bombardier Q400 operated by Croatia Airlines. (Bombardier) A Bombardier Q400 (Dash 8) operated by QuantasLink. (Bombardier) A Bombardier Q400 operated by Ethopian airlines. (Bombardier)

Boeing 377 Stratocruiser:

A Boeing 377 Stratocruiser of 1947 in flight. The aircraft had seating for 55, or 100 with sleeping deleated. Stratocruisers were the last piston-powered airliners built by Boeing. (Boeing)

Douglas DC-3:

A Douglas DC-3 in flight (Delta Airlines)

Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia:

An Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia in flight. The EMB-120 is an improved version of the EMB-110 Bandeirante. (Embraer) An Embraer EMB-120 in flight. (Embraer)

Saab 340:

A Saab 340 and Saab 2000  in formation flight. (Copyright Saab AB)

Saab 2000:

A Saab 2000 in flight. (Copyright Saab AB) A couple of Saab 2000s in flight. (Copyright Torbjšrn Caspersson/Saab AB) A Saab 2000 turboprop airliner in flight. (Copyright Saab AB)

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