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Folland's little revolutionary: the Gnat

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The Gnat was Folland's brave attempt at turning the tide against bigger, more powerful and more expensive fighters, and for a long time was the world's smallest ever jet fighter. Despite its tiny size, the Folland Gnat performed surprisingly well - in training pilots, in aerobatics, and in aerial combat. And it was the Gnat, with its outstanding manoeuvrability, that became the first mount for the original Red Arrows, later to become the world's most famous aerobatic team.

Contents of the article:

  • The events that led to the production of the Gnat, including the Midge proof-of-concept demonstrator
  • A technical description of the Gnat
  • Customers who bought the Gnat, including the Royal Air Force, India and Finland
  • A description of the Gnat T. Mk 1 and the T. Mk 1 in RAF service
  • The Ajeet, which was an improved Indian version of the Gnat
  • The Gnat in Indian service in two wars