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Welcome to Aircraft, a website aimed at serious aviation enthusiasts who are looking for comprehensive information on a variety of civil and military aircraft. Here you will find informative articles, breathtaking pictures, comprehensive links, aviation magazine guide and an extremely detailed glossary on aircraft and aviation.

As the site is constantly growing, please feel free to contact Aircraft InFormation if you would like to contribute.

  Seven US Navy aircraft, embarked aboard the USS Kitty Hawk, fly past Mount Fuji in Japan. From left they are an E-2, C-2, EA-6, two F/A-18 Super Hornets and two F/A-18 Hornets. (DoD)

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Joe Baugher's website

Since the 12 November 2023 passing of the revered aviation enthusiast and historian Joseph F Baugher, Aircraft InFormation is preserving his legacy by hosting his website here.

Marco Dirkx is also hosting and updating Joe's serial numbers lists, and these can be accessed here.

To read Joe's obituary, click here.

A large selection of high quality aircraft photos. Please feel free to contribute.

Under this section you will find a number of detailed articles on a variety of aircraft, mostly military. Fact Files (an assembly of technical facts) are also included here.

Aircraft links
This section contains thousands of links to specific civil, military and experimental aircraft as well as spacecraft and one-offs. Under each heading is a list of web pages that provide information on that specific aircraft, giving easy access to aircraft information on the Web without having to search through hundreds of pages of results in search engines.

A list of some of the best aviation-related websites on the Internet, together with a brief description of each.

An extremely comprehensive glossary of common and not-so-common aviation terms arranged alphabetically. Because the glossary is so large, it is divided up into entries under each letter of the alphabet, but the complete glossary in one web page is also available.

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A growing guide to the world's aviation magazines.

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A US Air Force B-52 leads two F-16s and a US Navy EA-6B on its left wing and to Japan Air Self Defence Force F-2s on its right wing over Guam on 10 February 2009 during Exercise Cope North 09-1. (USAF/ Master Sergeant Kevin J Gruenwald)